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Create impressive autostart
CD Menu applications for
CD, DVD and USB-Stick

Make an impression with your Autostart CD Menu
When today's computer users insert a CD or DVD into their drive, they expect to be able to sit back, enjoy and let the presentation run automatically on its own.
Leaving your users to search for the program or document that needs starting is a bad idea because, like in so many other areas of life, first impressions count
Create Autorun CD Menu for CD, DVD or USB stick
CDMenuPro has been designed to let you create your very own autorun cd menu applications for CD ROM or DVD ROM. Menu buttons can be used to start programs (exe, bat) or documents in a viewer, reader or player. (txt, rtf, htm, pps, pdf,...). Internal viewers are also available for viewing Rtf, Txt, Html, Avi and image files.
CD Multimedia Presentation Software
CDMenuPro, IntroCreator and PicturePlayer have been designed to enable you to create an impressive and powerful autorun multimedia CD presentation of the very highest standard.
Applications for CD presentations
  • CD Business Cards
  • Business Presentation
  • Product Presentation
  • Project Presentation
  • CD Photo Slide Shows
  • CD Tutorial
  • CD Documentation
CD Start
Isn't it time you started using the right auto-start software
CDMenuPro is being used across the world by thousands of users and has won a large number of awards.
Impress your CD users.
CDMenuPro has been designed to set your imagination and creativity free. Using background images and graphic buttons as a help, the menu designer has complete control over the appearance of the user interface.
Start today and create your first self-made CD Menu.
Download your free 30-day trial version and create your first CD Menu project.

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