All You Need To Know About The Australian Partner Visa

An experienced immigration lawyer can help you with all aspects of your partner visa application. Below is an excerpt discussing some questions that you should ask your immigration lawyer about getting a partner marriage visa. Ultimately, they will improve your understanding of the partner visa and the expertise of your immigration lawyer. 

What Type Of Partner Visa Is Appropriate? 

The partner visa is divided into two categories; the onshore and offshore visa. Onshore visas are for people currently living in the country. The offshore partner visa is designed for applicants who are not in Australia when they are applying for the permit. Typically, applicants are required to apply for a temporary visa. However, they can later apply for a permanent visa if they wish to extend their stay in Australia, become permanent residents or become Australian citizens. 

How Does The Government Determine The Eligibility Of Applicants? 

Applicants should not have infectious diseases, a questionable character, or a criminal record. Besides, they must be spouses or in a de-facto relationship with qualified Australian citizens. Your de-facto relationship should be at least one year old. The department will also evaluate the eligibility of your sponsor. He or she should be a law-abiding citizen that is willing to support your stay in Australia. Your relationship must be legal in Australia. As such, the department will revoke your application if you are in a polygamous marriage or if you are related to your sponsor. 

What Is The Application Criteria For The Partner Visa? 

Visa applications are made online. Therefore, your lawyer will inform you of the documents required when lodging your application. Other than your identification documents, the department requires sufficient evidence that your relationship is genuine and continuing. They will need documents to assess the financial and social aspects of the relationship. Besides, they will also need to examine the nature of your commitment and household. As the department reviews your application, your case officer might call you to conduct follow-ups, seek clarifications or conduct interviews. Your lawyer will handle these engagements and help you prepare for interviews. You must give factual information. Additionally, the information provided when making the online application should be consistent with what you say during the interviews. 

What Privileges Do Successful Applicants Enjoy? 

Once your application is approved, the department will provide you with a visa grant number and inform you when your visa will become valid. The partner visa allows you to work and study in Australia. Additionally, you can apply for public insurance (Medicare) and travel in and out of the country. 

You now have a comprehensive understanding of the partner visa application process. Always conduct some due diligence to ascertain the experience, availability, and licencing of your immigration lawyer.